Maja Ognjenović is the trendy Volleyball Player celebrity at this time. Here we have shared Maja Ognjenović weight, Zodiac sign, height, and measurements of full bodies size!

Know Who is Maja Ognjenović

Maja Ognjenović is a Volleyball player (celebrity). She is born in Serbia on 06/08/1984. Her Zodiac sign is Leo. Maja Ognjenović is 38 Years old in 2022, 39 Years old in 2023, 40 Years in 2024 and 41 Years old in 2025.

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Most Important Info about Maja Ognjenović

Full Real NameMaja Ognjenović
Bra Size38B (US) / 85B (EU)
Age38 Years
Eye colorBrown

Maja Ognjenović is a Volleyball player. Maja Ognjenović weight and height is: 67 kg & 6.0 Foot. Maja Ognjenović nationality is the Serbian. Her Zodiac sign is: Leo.

Maja Ognjenović Height Details Measurements

  • Maja Ognjenović height is 183 cm / 6.0 Foot / 72 Inch.

Maja Ognjenović Weight, Height, Body Measurements, Hair etc

Cup size: B (US)
Date of birth06/08/1984
Networth (estimated)$1 Million
Weight [LBS]148 LBS
Age in 202238 Years
Weight in kilo67 kg
Height in Foot6.0 Foot
waist inch25 in
Age 2023:39 Years
age in 202541 Years
Zodiac SignLeo
height (Inch)72 Inch
Eye color: Brown
hair: Brown
Breast size34 in / 87 cm
Dress Size:10 (US) or 40 (EU)
Occupation:Volleyball player
Waist in cm:66 cm
Age in 2024 40 Years
weight in OUNCE148 LBS
Hips:35 in / 91 cm
waist in meter:0.64 Meter
Height (cm)183 cm
Place of Birth:Serbia

Latest Networth of Maja Ognjenović

Maja Ognjenović current networth is $1 Million (approximately).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How tall is Maja Ognjenović in CM?

Maja Ognjenović is 183 cm tall.

What is The Maja Ognjenović Weight?

Maja Ognjenović weight is 67 kg.

What is Age of The Maja Ognjenović?

Maja Ognjenović is 38 Years old in 2022.

Maja Ognjenović hair color?

Maja Ognjenović hair color is Brown.

What is the Birth Date of The Maja Ognjenović?

Maja Ognjenović date of birth is 06/08/1984.

What is the height of The Maja Ognjenović?

Maja Ognjenović height is 6.0 Foot.

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