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Amy Hill is a Actress. Here we have shared Amy Hill height, Zodiac sign, weight, and full bodies size measurements!

Know who is Amy Hill

Amy Hill is a Actress (celebrity). She is born in United States on 09/05/1953. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus. Amy Hill is 69 Years old in 2022, 70 Years old in 2023, 71 Years in 2024 and 72 Years old in 2025.

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Most important information about Amy Hill

Item Details
Real Name Amy Hill
Nationality American
Age 69 Years
Eye color Hazel

Amy Hill is a Actress. Amy Hill weight and height is: 54 kg & UPDATING SOON. Amy Hill nationality is the American. Her Zodiac sign is: Taurus.

Amy Hill Height Details Measurements

Item Details
in centimeters (cm) UPDATING

Amy Hill Weight, Height, Body Measurements, Age etc

Item Details
Real/Birth Name Amy Hill
Nationality: American
Weight [Kg] 54 kg
Weight (LBS) 119 LBS
age 2025: 72 Years
Profession Actress
Hips size 31 in / 81 cm
Height in cm: UPDATING
Neworth $1.4 Million
age in 2023 70 Years
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Age in 2024 71 Years
bra size: 38B (US) / 85B (EU)
Hair: Light brown
height (foot) UPDATING SOON
waist cm 61 cm
cup size B (US)
Age 2022: 69 Years
Waist meter 0.61 Meter
Place of Birth: United States
height in inch UPDATING SOON
Ethnicity: Asian
Waist inches 24 in
Weight ounce 119 LBS

Latest Networth of Amy Hill

Amy Hill current networth is $1.4 Million (approximately).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How tall is Amy Hill in CM?

Amy Hill is UPDATING tall.

What is The Amy Hill Weight?

Amy Hill weight is 54 kg.

Amy Hill hair color?

Amy Hill hair color is Light brown.

What is the Birth Date of The Amy Hill?

Amy Hill date of birth is 09/05/1953.

What is the height of The Amy Hill?

Amy Hill height is UPDATING SOON.

What is Age of The Amy Hill?

Amy Hill is 69 Years old in 2022.

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